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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Woodinville Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program and CERT training.

Question: How much does CERT training cost?
Answer: The fee for the course manual is $15.00. Participants are also asked to acquire a minimal equipment kit including hard hat, goggles, safety vest, and work gloves (more information discussed in class).

Question: How long does the training take?
Answer: The course takes 21 hours over a 7 week period.

Question: What is the size of a typical class?
Answer: Classes are typically attended by 12-15 people.

Question: What will I learn in CERT training?
Answer: The course covers many topics, including:
  • Managing utilities and putting out small fires
  • Providing basic medical aid
  • Searching for and rescue victims safely
  • Organizing emergency response volunteers
  • Collecting disaster intelligence to support first responder efforts

See our WFLSD CERT Training Brochure for a more detailed listing of topics covered during each session.

Question: Are there any prerequisites for taking the course?
Answer: No

Question: Do I need to qualify for the course in some way (in regards to physical condition, age, or skills)?
Answer: No. You only need a willingness to serve your community and enthusiasm.

Question: Do I have to take CERT training before I can help?
Answer: No! While taking the Basic CERT training will give you a better understanding of the program, you can still make a difference to our organization without taking the course. As we grow, we need people with skills in a variety of areas, including: Web Development; Public Relations; Record Keeping; Fundraising; Database Administration; Graphic Arts; Communications; Legal Affairs; Languages other than English; and others. If you are not ready to take Basic CERT training, but still want to help, please download our CERT Interest Survey, complete it, and send it along with your contact information to: Woodinville CERT Program, P.O. Box 2200, Woodinville, WA 98072.

Question: Can I receive any kind of academic credit for taking the course?
Answer: Perhaps, but this depends upon the requirements of your institution. Talk to the registrar of your school or the human resources department of your business or organization to find out.

Question: I’ve taken the CERT course and know that if a disaster strikes Woodinville, I should take care of my family and neighbors first. But if they’re OK and I want to help WFLSD aid the larger community, what should I do?
Answer: Once you’ve ensured that the needs of your family and your neighborhood are met, report to the fire station that serves your neighborhood.


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