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Other CERT Links

This page contains links to resources that are specifically related to Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) programs, issues, skills, and gear.


CERT Programs, Issues, and Skills

  • The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) CERT Web site provides CERT training materials, demonstration videos, various kinds of supplemental information, and a directory of CERTs organized by state. EMI is an agency of the U.S. Fire Administration, and this Web site is an official Web site of the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  • The CERT-Los Angeles Home Page is one of the best local CERT organization Web sites around. In addition to Los Angeles-specific information, this site provides many CERT materials in both English and Spanish, including the CERT manuals, a Hazards manual, and a number of CERT forms. They also provide links to many other emergency preparedness resources.
  • Association of Volunteer Emergency Response Teams (AVERT) is an organization that: 1) develops and promotes CERT programs and teams; 2) provides disaster preparedness and response training, and practice drills to the public and businesses; 3) equips active Emergency Response Teams (ERTs); and 4) maintains databases of members, teams and programs for use by local Emergency Managers (EMs) in planning.
  • Seattle Disaster Aid & Response Teams (SDART) is a neighborhood-oriented approach to emergency preparedness. It is based on the belief that a cooperative effort between a city and its citizens is the only sure way to prepare for a major disaster. Its overall purpose is to enable neighborhoods to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours following a major disaster.
  • Community Emergency Resource Teams Society of British Columbia (CERTBC) This site contains a wealth of resource links, the majority of which are for the benefit of Canadian citizens. However, the Emergency Communications Links page is an exception, containing a great many links to resources that can benefit CERT members all across North America. The Kid's Page is also quite good.
  • San Francisco Fire Department Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams (NERT) The San Francisco Fire Department, prompted by residents of San Francisco, formed the Neighborhood Emergency Response Team Training Program, which currently provides training in disaster and emergency response. Since 1990 the NERT program has trained more than 11,000 San Francisco residents to be self sufficient in a major disaster.
  • The Huntington Beach CERT Web site contains monthly newsletters from January 2001 onward that illustrate the impact a local CERT organization can have.
  • The Culver City CERT Web site contains interesting photos of CERT volunteers in action, and good newsletters with useful information.
  • The Charlottesville CERT Web site provides a good list of links, and several CERT gear links as well.



In addition to sites listed on the Association of Volunteer Emergency Response Teams (AVERT) Web site, the following sites sell CERT-specific gear:



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